Brazilian Night

Brazilian Night


Praha 1, Jungmannova 17/3

Termín: 30.9.2016

Vstup zdarma

30září pátek 18:00

Žánr: koncertyrock

We want to invite you to this special BRAZILIAN night with music, traditional gastronomy, cocktails, and more.. In a cozy space in the center of Prague, Latin Art gallery, a space for sharing cultures.

Music: AnniMa

Between afro Brazil and Europe, AnniMa, musician and compositor from Rio de Janeiro, now living in Prague mixes roots of tradition with original modern musicality. His compositions explore rhythms such as samba from Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian northeastern forró and Cuban salsa which are soothed by the reminiscence of bossa nova and dynamized in funk and rock. AnniMa express a personal tribute to musical diversity of Brazil.

The fact that his artistic name originates in the Portuguese word "animar" (to liven up, to cheer up, to encourage) expresses the peculiarity of his lyrics...

Tato akce již proběhla a není aktuální. V nabídce však máme mnoho jiných souvisejících akcí!

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