The unique area of ​​the water mill, which is managed by the Museum of Central Pootavy Strakonice, can be found 17 km SW of Strakonice. His visit will transport you to times long past. The authentic image of life in the mill from the 19th century is reminiscent of the original farm equipment with functional grinding equipment and pets. In the mill building you can also see a granary, a timbered and living room with a stove and a tiled stove. Various types of agricultural implements can be seen in the technical buildings. In the ethnographic exposition you will learn everything about life in the countryside, the course of agricultural work, cultivation and processing of crops and cattle breeding. Traditional dishes of the region, storage and preparation of food and customs during the calendar year are also mentioned.

You will also be impressed by the life story of the Harant family, the last millers, thanks to whom the mill has been preserved unchanged.

The overall atmosphere is completed by regular events with a program for children, the launch of a mill wheel, demonstrations of old craft techniques associated with the tasting of traditional dishes and freshly baked bread.


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