Nároďák Jaroměř - Current programme

Nároďák Jaroměř

Jaroměř, Národní 54

Nation is a cultural club focused on many genres. We organize rock, metal events, but also discos, dance or balls. We have been working with this concept in Jaromer for 5 years, we have a well functioning promotion system. We organize concerts not only domestic but also foreign bands.

Artists until 2019:

Olympic, Petra Janu, Krucipusk, Sto zvířat, Znouzecnost, Napalm Death (GB), Purgatory (DE), Hypnos, Debustrol, Toor, Jana Uriel Kratochvilova & Illuminati.ca, Wishmasters, Porta Inferi, Sebastien, Andartar (HU) , Ektor, Viktor Seen, Marpo and others.

Nároďák Jaroměř and vicinity - Current programme

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