Zanmai Ji - The Zen Center

Ostrava, Varšavská 11

Regular meditations, conferences and courses take place in Ostrava zen center Zanmai Ji since 2005. Center is lead by a zen monk Robert Masho Mirowski, disciple of Sando Kaisen Roshi.

The meditation itself lasts about 1 hour. It is usually divided into two parts. First part is about 25 minutes long, it is followed by a short break to stretch your legs or to do a walking meditation (kin-hin) and then it continues with a second part of the meditation taking also about 25 minutes.

During the meditation, the teachings (kusen) is often orally transmitted.

At the end of the meditation, we usually chant the Heart Sutra in Czech or Japanese, which is accompanied by musical instruments.

After the meditation, we can have a friendly discussion over a cup of nice tea.

Regular meditations:

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7 p.m.

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