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Prague 2, Gorazdova 9 Prague

20.1.2018 at 13:00 - 21.1.2018


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Stop – motion puppet workshop

Stop – motion puppet workshop

In this workshop, award winning director and doll artist Ozlem Akin will be teaching how to make a stop-motion puppet with a wire armature and tie-downs from scratch. In this 8-hour course you will make a wire armature, sculpt and paint the head, hands and feet, and prepare a basic costume. You will be using a wide variety of materials such as epoxy clay, polymer clay, heat-set oil paints, etc. and learning important tips and tricks about how to design and create characters for stop-motion animation. Pictured puppets are work of previous attendees. Refreshments and all the materials are included. IMPORTANT: Event has two parts, first on Saturday, second on Sunday. Both days are mandatory, otherwise you will not be able to finish the puppet. The total price for both days is 5522,44, not twice as much. Individual classes available upon request. See you at the workshop! FAQ: Q: Can I design a non humanoid character? A: The short answer is no, the long aswer is that having to teach ways of making non-humanoid skeletons, custom non-humanoid facial features and generally something out of the ordinary is of course possible, but not within this somewhat standardized workshop.If you are interested in learning how to design such characters, feel free to talk to us, we do these things via individual classes as each design needs to be approached differently. - Q: Can I bring some of fabric of mine to incorporate it to the puppet? A: Of course! Feel free to consult your design or desired materials to use with us before purchasing the workshop! - Do you have any other questions or worries about our event? Do not hesitate and ask us on our facebook page or wherever you feel comfortable.

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