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Prague 9, Kolbenova 923/34a Prague

19.6.2018 at 19:00 - 20.7.2018


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Lineated Luminary: Rasmus Sondergaard Johannsen

Lineated Luminary: Rasmus Sondergaard Johannsen

Lineated Luminary is a series of wall tapestries woven from hand-picked and processed nettle fibers. The tapestry is coated by Rasmus with a photosensitive emulsion, which then responds to full moon UV light. An important place for the whole project is the Humboldthain city park in Berlin, where Rasmus collects nettles and where the lighting process carries out. 
Although Rasmus's project may seem romantic, Rasmus is consciously working with clear technological conditions and limitations as the cornerstones of the project, creating a distinctive art work, which in no case deserves the epithet "soft art", that often refers to textile artwork.

Curator: Lucie Nováčková

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