NTKino: The Infiltrators

NTKino: The Infiltrators


Praha 6, Technická 6

Termín: 1.7.2016

1červenec pátek 19:00

Žánr: filmprojekce

▸PŘEDNÁŠKA A PROMÍTÁNÍ s izraelskou kurátorkou a umělkyní Maayan Sheleff

▸MAAYAN SHELEFF is an independent curator based in Tel Aviv. Her projects involve the exploration of participatory practices through new media, the moving image and performance while examining the borders between art and activism. In her talk she will discuss “the Infiltrators”, an exhibition she curated at Artport Tel Aviv in 2014, with the participation of Daniel Landau, Paul Poet, Ghana Think Tank and Documentary Embroidery.

The infiltrators examines the local and global state of asylum seekers and refugees through works created with the participation of communities of asylum seekers in Israel and elsewhere in the world. In Israel, the term "infiltrators" is used to describe the transgression of the country's political borders in order to commit a terrorist act. At the same time this term is commonly used to refer to Africans who have crossed the border from Africa into Israel, fixing the status of border crossers as that of liminal subjects, who remain trapped between here and there, citizens of a no place.

The exhibition title plays a double role, since it aspires to look at the included art projects as constituting an act of infiltration. The featured artists attempt to undermine existing stereotypes by enacting different forms of participation, thus questioning common perceptions and destabilizing power relations. Sheleff will discuss the project and show videos from the works of Daniel Landau ( Resident Alien, 2014), Paul Poet ( Ausländer Raus! Schlingensief’s Container, 2001), and Ghana Think Tank (GTT in Tel Aviv, 2014).

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