Nitai Hershkovits


Nitai Hershkovits

Nitai Hershkovits twenty-five is a pianist and composer with an incredibly strong and original voice and musical vision. Born in Israel, grew up and went to school at Yeshiva School Ort Tveria. He started playing the clarinet at age 12, in 15 discovered his love for the piano. At first heard playing jazz pianist Wynton Kelly and Sonny Clark. In 17 Natai got to Tel Aviv, where combined with extracurricular school teaching music and piano teacher at Amit Golan and Yuval Cohen. He soon became an avid listener of music, from classical to jazz. Nitai also two years he studied classical music and theory under the guidance of the famous composer and educator Dr. Menahem Weisenberga and teacher of classical music Amira Pedorovitse.

Recently Nitai worked in the studio with the world

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