Czech Bead Museum - Current programme

Czech Bead Museum

Jablonec nad Nisou, Janovská 132/39


Museum of production of the glass beads delight all keen beaders and lovers of machinery and history. You can view historical photos and materials, where and how the original Czech glass beads were produced more then 300 years ago. We will show you the historical and contemporary pressing machines, several types of cutting and polishing machines, stringing machines and other tools for making beads. The exhibition also includes contemporary sample cards and historical collection of glass lamp beads and jewelry.

The excursion through different departments of G&B beads follows up the exposition of the glass machines. We will show you the current production of the glass beads, you will learn about the raw materials, forms, glass rods, various bead shapes and technological processes. You will be allowed to have a look into the thumbling machines, find out how do we cut the beads on the manual and automatic devides and furthermore find out how do we polish the beads in the special electric belt furnace. You will make your own idea of how much work, patience and skills are hidden in every bead.

The tour, within which you will learn about the entire production process, lasts approximately 60 minutes.

We will give you the adequate professional  comment explaining the historical and technological context associated with the glass beads production.

We offer creative workshops for adults, children, individuals and groups. Beginners and also advanced beaders can choose from many different courses. We are responding to current trends and regularly prepare courses from the new beads and components

The price of the beading course is always discussed individualy according to the number of people registered and also according to the difficulty of the course and usualy is from 100,- CZK up to 450,- CZK.

We offer courses in Czech and English under the guidance of our designer.

We offer also so called „Bead first aid”- in case you need an advice about a specific technology, copyright project, etc., our designer is here to help you.


Czech Bead Museum and vicinity - Current programme

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