Prague 1, Týnská ulička 1064/6

MAITREA a.s. is a joint-stock company which was founded in 2006. Its aim is to provide space for those who feel the need for personal development and self-realization. The following projects form its activities:

MAITREA - House of Personal Development
space for experiential seminars, workshops and lectures.

MAITREA Publishers
Books, documentary films and audio soundtracks focused on personal development

MAITREA kindergarten
the kindergarten was opened in 2010 as a traditional approach to upbringing. It is placed in Sluštice near Říčany near Prague. The goal of our kindergarten is a harmonious development of a pre-school aged child with the emphases on the emotional and moral area.

AVALOKA – school of traditional arts of Koryu
we are preparing the school of arts of the samurais, Zen meditation, calligraphy, the art of the sword. It is going to provide the possibility of studying the paths that lead to deep awareness, return to natural instincts, developing all parts of the personality - physical, mental and spiritual.

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