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Prague 1, Karlova 8 Prague

20.2.2018 - 30.12.2020

720 Kč

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Aspects of Alice

Aspects of Alice

A classic black light theatre performance on the theme of Lewis Carroll´s „Alice in Wonderland“. This show has amazed audiences in over thirty countries in three continents with its imagination, poetry and perfect technical tricks.

This is not a word-by-word theatrical rendition of the original, but it begins at the point where Alice comes to the end of her childhood. The author enables you to use your fantasy to make this stage Alice experience all the beautiful moments of growing-up, her first loves, awakening adulthood, understanding of life, laughter and tears, joy and sadness.

All this takes place in the atmosphere of old Prague, its architectural gems and rich history, but also Prague as a crossroads of Christian and Jewish cultures.

St. Vitu's Cathedral will come to life before you, as will King Charles IV, you will walk through the secret heart of the Jewish cemetery in the Old Town just as later you will taste the freedom that has been restored to this country at the heart of Europe to the accompaniment of Smetana´s music.

The artistic design, large screen projection, an animated film specially created for this show, puppets, unique theatrical tricks and black light effects, wonderful contemporary music by Petr Hapka, classical music from the Má Vlast Symphony by Bedřích Smetana and the Slavonic Dances by Antonín Dvořák and your fantasy all combine to provide a theatrical experience that no other theatre can achieve.

Aspects of Alice
Ta Fantastika Theatre

Author: Petr Kratochvíl
Scenery and Costumes: Emma Srncová
Music: Petr Hapka
Director: Petr Kratochvíl
Sound and Lighting: Stanislav Grepl


Other times: Aspects of Alice

31.3.2020 19:00 (Tuesday)
1.4.2020 19:00 (Wednesday)
2.4.2020 19:00 (Thursday)
3.4.2020 19:00 (Friday)
4.4.2020 19:00 (Saturday)
5.4.2020 19:00 (Sunday)
6.4.2020 19:00 (Monday)
7.4.2020 19:00 (Tuesday)
8.4.2020 19:00 (Wednesday)
9.4.2020 19:00 (Thursday)
10.4.2020 19:00 (Friday)
11.4.2020 19:00 (Saturday)
12.4.2020 19:00 (Sunday)
13.4.2020 19:00 (Monday)
14.4.2020 19:00 (Tuesday)
15.4.2020 19:00 (Wednesday)
16.4.2020 19:00 (Thursday)
17.4.2020 19:00 (Friday)
18.4.2020 19:00 (Saturday)
19.4.2020 19:00 (Sunday)
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