Of Snails and Men

Of Snails and Men

992, Michael Jackson's Dangerous tour comes to Bucharest but in the small city of Câmpulung, Romania one of the most important factories is being closed, leaving 1000 people out of work. The ARO factory owned by the state will be sold in a week. The CEO played by Dorel Visan, made a deal with a french buyer, a company that produces cans of snails.

They want to turn the factory into a ... snail loft, only keeping 300 employees. The main character is George (Andi Vasluianu) the union leader. The film follows his character very closely as he struggles to keep his job and family. The opening scene shows him and his mistress, Manuela (Monica Birladeanu) on the roof of the factory having an intimate moment. Manuela is the CEO's secretary and her dream is to immigrate abroad, as she falls in love with one of the french investors (Robinson Stévenin).



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In cinemas: 14.3.2013