Hunters and Victims

Hunters and Victims

The Victims and hunters movie is inspired by the real life stories that depict where you, your family or friends could end up tomorrow. What should you do if you end up in the helix of dept? Jakub - our leading protagonist - shows you how to get rid of executors.

But how do you deal with the worst gangster with the roughest leader. Its impossible to save money with them before you. Or how to deal with the malicious moneylender's mean tricks with constant bills and rocketing interests. There is some very influential mafiosi and his cobbers who are protected by bribable policeman.

Who Will be mafiosi jakub's angel? This is the playground where Jakub plays his game - sex, money and rock and roll - so until he makes some very bad legal moves because of enforcers. This is the time when a fight for life starts.

Jakub's problems won't be only his - it befalls to his family and friends too. He's hapless and he looses in love too. This movie completely changes the modern opinion on life forever. Are you ready to see the "real life"?


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