Joke’s On You! Standup Comedy

Joke’s On You! Standup Comedy


Praha 1, Národní 20

Termín: 22.2.2018

22únor čtvrtek 20:30

Žánr: divadlo

Joke's on You returns with a new season of seasoned comedians! After selling out venues in Brno and Bratislava, we decided to step the game up even further. Instead of two cities, we are going to perform in Prague as well and call it a tour. Three days in three cities! That's insane! How can we do that? - you might ask. Or you might not even give a shit. Who cares? We are excited! Our headliner for January is the extremely funny Joanna Sio! Give it up for Joanna! And by give it up, I mean your money... 

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