Enter the Void w/ Vero (Rhythm Büro, Kiev)

Enter the Void w/ Vero (Rhythm Büro, Kiev)


Praha 2, Rašínovo nábřeží

Termín: 6.8.2016 7.8.2016

6srpen sobota 15:00

Žánr: koncertyrockdancetechnounderground

Vero (Rhythm Büro, Kiev) Vero’s music career started around 10 years ago with all things drum’n’bass. Not only did she spin her records at renowned local raves and parties, but also acted as a promoter behind some of them.

It was inevitable that one thing would eventually lead to another, and, as time was passing by, Vero has also become the co-founder of 22:22 studio, the record-label-turned-business-venture that currently provides mixing and mastering services to a number of techno and drum’n’bass imprints, and serves as an important social spot within Kiev’s electronic music landscape. Nowadays, Vero is frequently touring both internationally and domestically, producing her own music, and co-running techno parties under the Rhythm Büro banner.

The concept of the latter is simple, yet quite promising: Rhythm Büro bring their favorite international artists to secret venues around Kiev, revealing the exact address only to advance ticket buyers one day before the party. While not necessarily frequent, the event series has already seen the likes of Zadig, Abdulla Rashim, Etapp Kyle, Eric Cloutier, Woo York, Artefakt, Steve Bicknell, Acronym and Actress rocking warehouse locations across Ukraine’s capital.

This year, Rhythm Büro is going to turn into a proper vinyl label, with Vera and her studio partner Na Nich producing the debut EP. https://soundcloud.com/vera-sue Drag & Drop Dj's Nevolin, Brezhnev "Drag and Drop" is a series of Prague-based music events. "D&D" offer a wide range of musical styles: all the way from underground minimal to house, not to mention the finer points of deep and minimal techno. The lineup of artists is just as discerning.

The clubs of Prague have approved: MeetFactory, Cafe Nona, Cafe Technika, Final Club, Zero, U Bukanyra, Moje Muza, the Pekelnej Bar, o2bar, Chapeau Rouge and Wakata have all housed the music of "Drag and Drop"s members. As reputations widen through these and other venues, the aesthetic has grown more discerning - glitch, micro house, click'n'cut, and minimal techno now come to the fore. Come and experience crisp, clever, and truly international sounds.

"Drag and Drop" offer the deepest, most elegantly crafted, and intelligent evenings of today's dance music." https://soundcloud.com/draganddropmusic Local support Milan Kroutil https://soundcloud.com/milan-kroutil-1 Aitcher Clark https://soundcloud.com/aitcher-clark Unclean (Duna) https://soundcloud.com/dunaconcept/duna-pod-0004-unclean Synaptik (Duna) https://soundcloud.com/dunaconcept/duna-pod-0008-synaptik KinA (Duna) https://soundcloud.com/dunaconcept/duna-pod-0006-kina-cdm Seegeng https://soundcloud.com/seegeng

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