LIVE stream - I Captain Pete Bethune - the Whale Warrior

LIVE stream - I Captain Pete Bethune - the Whale Warrior


LIVE stream

Termín: 22.4.2020

22duben středa 20:00

Žánr: ostatní akcelive stream online

Nature conservation seems to have fallen in the shadow of the current coronavirus pandemic. When was the last time you heard about burning forests, global climate change, killing elephants or whales? In addition to the health and economic impacts, we should not forget the ecological ones. Our next guest is Captain Pete Bethune, an activist who developed the fastest boat called Earthrace to join the anti-whaling fleet of Sea Shepherd in 2009 as the only one fast enough to keep up with all vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet. His new boat was crashed by one of the vessels the next year and Pete spent 5 months in the Japanese prison. Our hosts will be Tomáš Ouhel and Martin Mikeš, as usual.

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