What They Forgot to Tell You in Art School

What They Forgot to Tell You in Art School

Termín: 4.3.2018 25.3.2018

4bře - 25bře celý den

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Most artists want successful careers. They want recognition and exhibitions. They want their work to inspire people and find its way into the right homes.The problem is that no one ever taught them how to do it and the thought of anything related to business (or marketing, or selling) makes their skin crawl.

The good news is that there is an inspired way to do it - one that can be as creative as making art. In this 4-Part Lecture Series artists will learn how to create an art career they love, exhibit their art, find collectors, and sell their art without selling out. WEEK 1 : Create an Art Career You’ll Love WEEK 2 : Exhibit your Art in the Most Miraculous Ways WEEK 3 : Find your Collectors and Fund Your Art WEEK 4 : Sell Your Art Without Ever Selling Out

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