Don Quijote

A comic ballet Don Quijote by Minkus is one of the most popular pieces of world classic ballet legacy. Dance interpretation of famous novel of Cervantes was first performed in Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in December 1869 in excellent choreography of Maria Pepita who returned after two years to this greatly appreciated work to polish the technical virtuosity of main characters.

His choreography finished Alexander Gorský at the beginning of the last century. The main character of the story is neither Don Quijote nor Sancho Panza but young lovers Basil and Kitri whose father is not in favour of the romance as well as wealthy  suitor Camacho. Thanks to Don Quijote, everything turns out well. Ballet Don Quijote requires excellent ballet technique not only from the soloists but the whole company.  

Hana Vláčilová, former prima ballerina of Prague National Theatre and the orchestra of Moravian Theatre will gladly cooperate.

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