WOLVE / SAAR / Nordkapp

• WOLVE (Alternative Rock) https://wolvemusic.bandcamp.com/ A wild pack with an instinctive approach and performance. Dreams are voyages, from nothingness to a far away nowhere. "Sleepwalker" is the chronicle of this voyage in three parts, at the limit of REM sleep.

With ink diluted in alternative rock and progressive, WOLVE puts to paper and record the lives of its character on an inexhaustible palimpsest. « Sleepwalker » debut album has been lauded by medias (Music Waves, Neoprog, CORE&CO, Progradar, IDIOTEQ, Progressor…). in 2015, WOLVE has opened for Fish and Arena, at the Ninkasi Kao (Lyon) and the Divan du Monde(Paris), before being invited to the Prog'Resiste festival in Belgium. « LAZARE », new EP out on October, 21th.

• SAAR (Post-Rock) https://saar.bandcamp.com/ No mind restrictions, each musician is free to express themselves as they wish. That’s with an authentic approach that SAAR recorded their first EP in 2010, let the musicians plays their first gigs, offering a musical escape with a rare intensity. The band released "The Last Day" in 2012, first album on a more noise and darker path.

This promising album receives positive review in France (Obscuremag, la grosse radio, immortal, bring me the sound ...) and USA (Skrik Zine, Noizz …). SAAR plays in several french theaters, offering a powerful and inspirational set at the Alhambra, the Max Linder and L'ESPACE B in Paris, Stakanov in Nantes, and Covent Garden in Éragny. Their brand new release "SOL”is available since the end of September 2016.


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