Kateřina Beranová - Opera masterclass proart festival 2016

Castle Valtice 24. - 28. 7. The ProART Festival theme at Valtice is dedicated to 400th anniversary of a British playwright William Shakespeare. The concept of all workshops will be held in HIS spirit. Dancing, acting, singing and Shakespeare in the 21st century.

Workshops are opened to a limited number of performaers - dancing (20), acting (12), singing (6). In addition to perfecting the art of dance techniques, theatre and opera singing the aim is to create together inspired by the work of the great world theatre personality.

Kateřina Beranová (CZ/AT) - opera workshop Shakespeare: 400 (repertory inspirated by work of W. Shakespeare) Concept of Ms. Beranova's opera masterclass requires participation throughout the week and throughout the entire teaching.

It is a comprehensive approach leading operatic technique and interpretation, the day starts with a common physical and vocal warm-up, the presence of the teaching of the whole group of singers brings a deeper understanding and the ability to realize not only itself but also listening to colleagues. Likewise, the final concert performance is a mandatory part of the course.

Piano accompaniment: Věra Bauerová Body awareness: Irene Bauer INFO: http://www.proart-festival.cz/en/proart-festival-2016-valtice/

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